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The cult classic of glass Hookahs - Dschinni® Skyline Shisha

Posted on04/06/2018

Dschinni® Skyline - The cult glass Shisha

When Dschinni® released their first version of the Skyline they started a trend of high-end glass Hookahs in Germany, but to this day the Skyline is still the most sold and loved one of them all. And it is easy to understand why!

The Skyline is considered one of the most famous Hookahs of the 21st century, which it does not only owe to its futuristic look and graceful height. Elegance and functionality are equally in focus here, while high-quality materials ensure longevity.

The Dschinni Skyline Shisha has set new standards in the field of glass Hookahs. Her reputation is ahead of her, and not without reason. With its 697 mm height, it makes an impressive appearance, without sacrificing elegance. The shapes and proportions reflect both stability and filigree work.

For the most part, the product is made of borosilicate glass and therefore has greater advantages over other glass alternatives. Because borosilicate glass is mainly used in the laboratory due to its very good properties in terms of stability, heat resistance and corrosion properties. Vulnerable areas such as the cut connections were therefore modified and reinforced by armored cuts.

Furthermore, both the Bowl and the smoke column have engravings that could only be realized through elaborate processes. The highlight is the dip tube of the Skyline Hookah, because it has an integrated diffuser and thus causes a pleasant, silent smoking behavior.


Futuristic look - One look is enough to see that the skyline has little or nothing to do with the appearance of conventional Shishas. This design and the special dimensioning of the components gives it the now well-liked smoking behaviour.

Smoking behaviour - The low bowl volume ensures a smoking behavior that is second to none. To ensure a light and soft draw, the pipe was equipped with a special diffuser, which also dampens the typical smoking noises.

Height - The Skyline lives up to its name. With a height of 697 mm, it is one of the biggest glass Hookahs around.

Borosilicate glass - In order to meet the high requirements of this Shisha, the decision was quickly made to use only the highest quality materials. Borosilicate glass is mainly used in the laboratory area and is known for high heat resistance, as well as thickness.

The Hookah in detail

- Weight 2962 g
- height 697 mm
- Dip tube outside cut 34.4
- Dip tube inner cut 29.2
- Smoke column inner cut 18.8
- Smoke column outside cut 29.2
- Head adapter cut 18.8
- Hose connection cut 18.8

This Hookah comes in a high quality transport box with individual compartments, and includes:

- 1x Skyline vase
- 1x hose connection
- 1x blow-off valve
- 1x Skyline dip tube (downstem)
- 1x Skyline smoke column
- 1x glass plate
- 1x glass head adapter incl. head gasket

No hose or head included. 

Buy your very own Skyline here and experience a this cult classic! We will ship to you fast from our Gold Coast warehouse, no matter if you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, or anywhere else in Australia/New Zealand or the USA!

Original 2014 Introduction of the Skyline Shisha:



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