Silicone tobacco heads & hoses - Health & Safety Advice

Silicone tobacco heads & hoses - Health & Safety Advice

More and more silicone Shisha products start popping up around Australia. This is a great thing because silicone Shisha products are simply amazing. Silicone hoses last a lifetime and no hookah flavour gets stuck in it (so called ghosting), meaning that you won't taste your last double apple flavour when smoking a new batch of grape. These hoses also allow you to connect a wide variety of mouthpieces which makes your Shisha so much more modern, and hygienic to use. Silicone hoses can simply be disinfected, as can aluminium/glass mouthpieces.

The new silicone tobacco heads are also an amazing invention - no more grommets needed, easy cleaning, and very even heat distribution...and you won't even burn your fingers anymore!

However (!), people do not realise that not all silicone product are safe to be used for smoking! All Hookah silicone products should be made out of certified medical-grade silicone. Many cheap variations (often made in China) are seriously hazardous to your health, as you are very likely to inhale a whole lot of chemicals and harmful vapors. You might safe a few bucks but you will regret it down the line!

Always stick to high-quality, safe & tested Shisha products! 

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