Shisha / Hookah bowls - glazed or unglazed?

Shisha / Hookah bowls - glazed or unglazed?

Bowls - choosing the right one can make or break your session, and the Shisha industry has a lot of bowls to offer. You can get many different types of bowls, from heat management to standard multi-hole bowls. Some come glazed, some natural clay - called unglazed. 

Why Unglazed? 

Bowl clay is very porous naturally, and it easily absorbs liquid like molasses from wet tobacco. Glazed bowls prevent that from happening (to some extent, not 100%). Some avid smokers use unglazed bowls to dedicate one flavour to that specific bowlHowever, there were many that still preferred to dedicate their bowls. Unglazed bowls are very popular in Europe, not so much in the US for example. Most European Shisha smokers would use something like the Hassan Pascha® Hot Screen Set - and not necessarily just with one dedicated flavour!

Okay, I went unglazed, now what? 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when using an unglazed Shisha bowl. Do you want to dedicate the bowl, or use it for all your flavours? If you want to dedicate it - NEVER WASH IT, just use dry paper towel to clean it out after each smoke. Second, break it in by boiling it before first use, this helps the clay pores to open up. On your first smoke you might also want to use excess molasses juice to coat the inside of the bowl, before packing.

Now if you want to use it for all your Shisha flavours, just wash it as usual and use it as you would any other bowl. There is nothing special you need to do. If you feel like your bowl starts to ghost you can always boil it to wash out juices. 

To Glaze, or Not To Glaze... 

Glazed bowl or unglazed bowl - the difference is really not all that big. Smoking from an unglazed Shisha bowl doest mean you have to dedicate that bowl to a specific flavour. Of course enthusiast might want to do that, but the average smoker will not feel a big difference, especially if washed/cleaned after sessions. 

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