Hot Screen Setup 101 - Shisha Heat Management Head

Hot Screen Setup 101 - Shisha Heat Management Head

The Hot Screen Set is a very popular heat management device from Germany. It is one of the most used tobacco head setups in Shisha bars/lounges and for private users. The head allows a fast, easy, and almost fool-proof setup for beginners and long-time Hookah smokers alike.


The chimney part helps regulate and vent excess heat while the screen acts as a replacement for aluminium foil.

To setup you simply have to fill the clay head with tobacco to the middle of the upper holes (but make sure tobacco doesn’t block the holes completely). Make sure you pack very fluffy and not dense (eventually fluff up the tobacco with a toothpick or foil picker, and just press it down a little bit). If you are using a Hassan Pascha® Multihole bowl, just fill to about just under the rim. 


Note that the Amy Deluxe® Hot Screen Set comes with two variations of clay heads as seen below. The difference is that one has an added centre funnel hole. When packing this head, make sure to pack in a circle around this centre hole. 



Once you are done just pop the “chimney screen” on top of the clay head and place 3-4 cubed charcoals (make sure they are red hot!) around the centre.  Let sit for a few minutes, then start smoking. It will take a few minutes to fully startup but you will soon get dense smoke. Should you need less heat move one or two coals to the outside of the screen. Moving coals allows you to perfectly control heat. Towards the end of the session when smoke is thinning you can always use a make-shift windcover out of aluminium foil to prolong the session (or put new coals on of course).


The Hot Screen Set can also be used with True Cloudz Hookah Creme (pure, unmixed), just make sure you cover the whole inside of the head with a thin (!) layer of crème. Make sure not to block any holes.

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