Glass Shishas - Quality 101

Glass Shishas - Quality 101

There are A LOT of glass Hookahs / Shishas out there and many look the same just with different branding. But why do prices range from $100 to $3000? 

Of course, branding is one reason why some are more expensive (Lavoo, Evolution, ArtHookah, Chimera etc) but there are more important (mostly overlooked) ones:

1. Hand-made, artisian hand-blown, or fully machine-made? 

The price difference is huge due to the vastly different amount of skill and TIME that goes into each production method. An artisian hand-blown Shisha is one of a kind made by an artist (e.g. Magic®, Chimera®, Timeless®, UniverseShisha®) that learned his craft for several years and puts days and weeks of work into ONE Hookah. No machines used here, but rather done like 200 years ago.

Hand-made is produced by hand with the help of machines, but not hand-blown, which saves time and allows for a higher production quota without compromising too much of the quality/design. Quality control is still high. 

The third method is the cheapest, and fully machine-made Hookahs often have a lot of flaws (airleaks, chips) as upwards of a 1000 can be produced daily without too much human interference. These often use thin, cheap glass as well (read below).

2. Glass Thickness

I have seen Glass Shishas for around ~$100-150 with the cheapest possible thin Glass. They still smoke but a) the glass is not heat-resistant and b) it breaks very easily. Best example are the cheap thin glass mouthpieces that break if you only put them down on the table slightly too hard. A good glass Hookah should feel sturdy, heavy and the glass should be thick enough that you can comfortably knock on it and "feel" the density. The thicker the glass, the more expensive the Shisha. Very good pieces should survive a drop on carpeted floor from a reasonable height. I guarantee you that most <$120 ones won't, due to extremely thin glass and machined body.

3. Glass Type

There are different types of glass being used. The cheap one is standard soda-lime glass with very limited heat-resitancy. The expensive glass is DURAN Borosilicate 3.3 and is 100% heat-resistant (or partly heat resistant if a mix of glass types is used). Double the price....

World of Shisha only offers products by well-known/respected brands that have been reviewed and tested many times. We will never sell thin cheap glass Hookahs / Shishas or accessories and stand behind the quality of all our products. 

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