Frequently Asked Questions - Shisha FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Shisha FAQ

See below for a list of the most common questions (and answers) about our Shishas and Accessories.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: YES we do, just checkout through the website. However, there might be a surcharge for big/heavy Shishas!

Q: Do you sell Shisha / Hookah tobacco?

A: YES. See the category Flavour --- Tobacco Flavours.

Q: What are the vases of the cheaper Shishas made of, plastic of glass? 

A: We only sell high quality Shishas from German/US brands, even a $100 Shisha will blow you away in terms of quality and materials - it is all about maximum value for money especially with brands like Amy Deluxe. None of the vases are made of cheap plastic. 100% heavy thick glass. Most Shishas weigh between 3 and 8kgs. 

Q: Do you have a store I can visit?

A: We are 100% online shipping out of a warehouse, and can ship very fast to all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra. There is no shopfront/showroom. However, you can order any item on the website and choose "cash on pickup" on checkout. We can then arrange a time for you to pick the item(s) up. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: Gold Coast, Queensland. Shipment out of a local warehouse, no physical store. We ship Australia-wide, and around the world. Fast shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and co!

Q: How can I contact you with questions?

A: Please use the contact form on this website, or speak to us in the website chatroom. We also offer WhatsApp chat support. 

Q: I want a silicone hose for my Shisha. What parts do I need?

A: You will need the silicone hose itself, a hose connector (unless the Shisha has quick connect adapters), and a mouthpiece (glass, aluminium). 

Q: Is there a difference between glass and aluminium mouthpieces?

A: The difference is of course only in design and material. They are both excellent and it just depends which material you like more. 

Q: How do I clean the silicone hoses?

A: Just run hot water through them and let them dry fully. Alternatively, if needed, you can also boil them for a couple of minutes to get rid of any possible smell. Dishwasher is another option (only by itself, rinse afterwards). 

Q: What are the sizes of the different Shishas you offer?

A: Our Shishas run from 45 cm to 80 cm. The biggest ones are Hookah Cartel® Armageddon and Dschinni Baba. Big size (65-70cm) are Nargilem NPS, Nargilem ECO 620, all Kaya® Shishas (except glass), Amy Deluxe® Boa & Heavy Shay & Absolut L & 4 Stars 610/630. Mid-size (45-55cm) are Amy Deluxe® Python, I need you, Cobra, 4 Stars 410/440, Stillness 440, Little Princess. Note that with modern Shishas size doesn't really affect smoke output and experience. 

Q: How much water do I fill in the vase?

A: Generally you want to make sure to have the downstem about 1 cm deep in the water (at a minimum covering eventual diffuser holes). If you put too much in the smoke will feel restricted, or worse water will get into the hose/hose port and ruin the experience (especially with smaller Shishas). 

Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts for Shisha / Hookah bars, caterers or resellers?

A: Of course, please contact for prices and details how to register for a wholesale account.

Q: Why don't you sell traditional Shishas like KM etc?

A: Personally, just a very big fan of the German pipes with big wide draw, modern design and endless customization possibilities. We think they are superior to traditional pipes in a lot of different ways, hence we want to introduce these products to Australian smokers. Of course, there are good traditional Shishas (for example certain KM models, Regal, El Nefes) and some people surely prefer the look and more restricted traditional-style draw. Perfectly fine, tastes differ :). 

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