DIY Vase Repair / Swap

DIY Vase Repair / Swap

Broke your vase and need to re-use the thread as your new vase comes without one? Or did your thread come loose? No worries at all, the fix is much easier than you think. 

Loose threads can occasionally happen with any of the modern Hookahs as the glue might not have been applied efficiently (or the glue became weak after years of use or storage). There are many reasons and this affects any brand. 

It is not a big deal though and very easy to fix. 

How to fix your thread:

Step 1: You need to clean all the residue off the metal and glass (for example with steel wool or anything that gets it off completely). 
Step 2: Prime the glass and metal with some sandpaper. Make sure glass and thread is clean and dry now.
Step 3: Put the epoxy 2-component glue (Selly’s is good, the clear dry 5 minute one…DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BUT CLEAR DRY & QUICK DRY & WATERPROOF) on the metal, covering all contact areas in a thin layer. Then do the same on the glass. Next press it on and check with iPhone app or similar that it sits level & center.
In case it does not sit center you can take strong tape to keep it in place if necessary. This is very rare! It’s best to mix the epoxy on a surface and apply with toothpick or similar. Do not apply directly from syringe. 
Step 4: Clean off any excess glue before it dries and weight down the thread with a book or similar.
Step 5: After 2 hours take some more epoxy and fill the seam between metal and glass from the top. You can take a toothpick or similar to put it in the gaps and spread it. Just work quickly. Also make sure to wipe off any excess from the glass. 
After 24 hours once it's hardened it will be 100% airtight and hold.
Video in German, but easy to follow:  (starts at minute 5)
The glue is available at Woolworths, Bunnings, Coles, even convenience stores at is less than $8. Available in small packets, or a big double-syringe tube. Follow instructions exactly and make sure both components are mixed together before applying. 
How to take off your existing thread from a broken vase (or an old vase):
Step 1: If necessary break off as much glass as you can from your thread (use tools and wear gloves).
Step 2: There are several options to loosen the glue. You can either boil the thread, or put the thread on your coal heater, or use a high-heat blow torch. If you opt for the later version use protective gear and do not hold the flame on one spot for too long (don't worry about your vase if you are swaping...nothing will break). This last option only works with stainless steel Shishas. DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME OR YOUR COAL BURNER ON A COATED THREAD!
Step 3: The glue will change colour and get brittle, with patience and tools you can easily get off every last bit of glass. IF necessary repeat step 2. 

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