Shisha Coal 101 - How to get the best out of your new Hookah

Shisha Coal 101 - How to get the best out of your new Hookah

Shisha coals - one of the most important parts of your hookah set up (apart from flavour and equipment). Differences between coals can be night and day, and make or break your session. 

Natural vs. Quicklites

Quicklite or Easylite coals are what most people start on. Also the first thing they should stop using IMMEDIATELY, not even sure why these are still allowed to be sold by local shops in Melbourne, Sydney, and co. Quicklite coals are generally easy to lite (hence the name), but don't last very long. The worst part is though that they have a very disgusting taste which ruins any good Shisha flavour, and on top of that they are highly toxic with added carcinogens. Please STAY AWAY! 

Now, natural coals, or coconut coals, are the current industry standard for hookah coals. These types of coals come in three main styles - flats, cubes, and HMD-style (we currently stock the cubes but will add the flat and HMD-style later on).Whiie natural coals take long to light (roughly 8-10 minutes on our trusty burners), however, natural coals will last a lot longer than quicklite coals, and the GOOD type burn without taste or smell. 

Again there are night and day differences between natural coals. Some can ash horribly, smell, and taste bad (for example Cocoshisha or Firebrand). We only source the best coal brands and our favourite is AL DUCHAN® as a long established brand from Germany. They are consistently rated one of the best coals on the European market and will surely impress! 

Need to buy some coal and unhappy with the local selection? We will ship to you fast from our Gold Coast warehouse, no matter if you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, or anywhere else in Australia/New Zealand!

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