Clean Shisha hose - Regular cleaning is important

Clean Shisha hose - Regular cleaning is important

Clean the hookah hose - that's why it's important

If you use your shisha regularly, it is important that you also keep the hose clean to ensure the best possible smoke quality and hygiene. A dirty hose can not only affect the taste of the tobacco, but also affect your health from bacteria. In the following article you will find out how best to clean your shisha hose.

This is how you can clean your shisha hose

It is very important to give the hose a thorough cleaning at regular intervals so that it lasts a long time. This means that coarse dirt cannot settle in the first place.

How to clean your shisha hose with hot water:

Carefully remove the hose from the shisha base, then remove the mouthpiece and hose adapter.

Fill the hose with water until it is about ¾ full to leave room for rinsing.

To move the water in the hose, first keep both ends tightly closed. Then move the hose up and down like a wave by alternately waving it on either side. In this way, the water inside the hose moves back and forth without leaking.

It is advisable to repeat the process several times in order to achieve a better result.

Then let the hose dry.

Tip for heavy soiling: For stubborn dirt, it is advisable to also use a little washing-up liquid or baking powder. This makes cleaning even more effective.

Clean the shisha hose - boil in the saucepan

Did not clean the silicone hose in a while? Then there is a high probability that stubborn dirt and even dangerous germs have accumulated. But don't worry, because you can clean your hose hygienically again in no time with boiling water.

Remove the mouthpiece and hose adapter from the hose as usual.

In a large pot, heat water until it boils.

Carefully place the shisha hose in the boiling water so that it is completely covered and the water can run into it. Let the hose simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes, then gently pull it out and rinse with fresh water.

Now dry the hose.

Conclusion: Cleaning the shisha hose is an important aspect for an optimal smoking experience and hygienic use. Regular cleaning after each use and deep cleaning every few weeks are recommended. Our shop offers you a diverse selection of medical-grade shisha hoses for you to enjoy.

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