Azure® Flavour Descriptions

Posted on05/08/2020

Apple Cider: Sweet green apple blended with delicious spices, this one smells and tastes just like the drink!

Bermuda Mint: Powerful mint just a touch will do for mixing

Blueberry Muffin: Our Blueberry Muffin takes dessert flavours to the next level by perfectly combining our muffin mix with the vibrant taste of blueberries. This complex flavour will keep you wanting more

Boomerang: This fruity blend taste like the world-renown red gummy bear that everyone knows and loves

California Blue: Who put mint all over these blueberries

Chai Masala: Chai is always better with some spices in the mix

Cherry Muffin: Azure signature Cherry Muffin is an extraordinarily smooth dessert flavour. The flavour profile is sweet ripe cherries combined with our intricate muffin blend

Cinnamon Cookies: There's no crunch but the cookie is real

Cool Cucumber (Ozzy Exclusive): An exclusive flavour that you'll only find here, this blend of crisp cucumber with a refreshingly cool exhale is the perfect summer flavour!

Cosmos: This flavour blend features grapefruit and raspberry

Dubai Apple: A modern twist on the class flavour of Double Apple

Grapemania: Double the grape but add some mint

Grow A Pear: Issa pear

Lemongrass: Fresh citrus blended with the natural taste of lemon grass to give you an enjoyable relaxing smoke

Lemon Muffin: A citrus twist on the Blueberry formula; mix them for a Lemon Blueberry Muffin

Lychee: The sweet flavours naturally found in the Lychee fruit: Now in smoke form!

Mango Cheesecake: The sweet flavour of Mango combined with the creamy, dessertiness of cheesecake!

Melonmania: A sweet blend of cantaloupe and honey dew melon

OMG Orange My Guava: sweet orange with a little spice with a bright surprise guava

Rio Mint: Sweet and potent peppermint

Strawberry Passion: The strawberry blends continue with this awesome combination featuring passion fruit

 This cool citrus blend will make you feel like you're on the beach in Jamaica

Unicorn: Who would've thought melon and this sweet spearmint would go together so well

White Gummi Bear: A fruity blend with a tropical twist that gives off the familiar impression of 
a white gummy bear

Winter Lemon: A snowy winter mint blended with zesty lemon to bring you our take on the classic, Lemon Mint!

Winter Orange: The orange will cost you but the mint is free

Winter Peach: This peach flavour also features a nice, cooling mint that gives you a refreshing session


Sweet Summer Sun: A creamy, milky flavor is the foundation of Sweet Summer Sun with sweet citrus flavors building on top to create a bowl of cereal in smoke form

Royal Queen: This flavor is a bold, black tea flavor mixed with subtle notes of citrus in an effort to create an Earl Grey tea blend

Route 66: A well known classic mix of passionfruit, melon, and mint

Alaskan Ice: Cold as ice

Moscow Never Sleeps: Combines the flavor of sweet berry with a citrus lime and an undertone of cooling mint throughout

Tropical Paradise: You'll find sweet pineapple flavors immediately upon smoking this flavor with tropical citrus undertones throughout your session 

Lime: Juicy fresh Lime, great mixer

Mexicola: Amazing cola taste, just like the small Mexican cola bottles, or cola lollies

Napa Grape: Juicy sweet grape taste

Root Beer: Just like the drink

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