AEON - What is the difference between the different versions, and why is AEON better then others?

Posted on05/11/2019

Many people are confused by the many different AEON Shisha Versions. Lets clear some of it up:

What is the difference between Lounge and Premium Edition?

The Edition 4 - Premium has a two-piece smoke stem, a splittable downstem WITH diffuser, and a draw reducer. With the two-piece smoke stem you can adjust the height of the Edition 4 - Premium and with the two-piece downstem you can adjust the smoke volume in the Bowl. The long downstem allows you to have more smoke in the bowl and is therefore especially good if you often smoke with several people at the same time. If you only smoke alone or in pairs, you can shorten the downstem and thus get a more direct smooth draw. The included draw reducer can optionally be plugged into a hose port, and reduces the draw at the hose end from 11mm to 7.5mm, if you prefer a more traditional draw. The diffuser makes the Edition 4 Premium extremely silent and nice to smoke. Of course the main difference to the Lounge are the 4 hose ports with APS system. 

What is the difference between Avos and normal version?

The only difference i the design of the vase.

What is the difference between AEON Edition 4 and other Shishas, why is it better?

The Edition 4 has the patented AEON Purge System (APS), which allows you to blow out the smoke from the bowl without taking out any balls from hose ports. This system is unique to AEON and ultra convenient for people that smoke with more than one hose on regular occassions. The APS works with a spring, which is pressed down into your hose when you blow in, creating a space where you can vent the smoke from the bowl. You can adjust the APS by turning the adjustment valve on the bottom of the base in or out. Further screwed into the base, the spring gets more tension and the blow-out is harder, whereas in a far out position the blow-out is easier.

In the Edition 4 AEON have also developed a new blow-out valve, which leads the smoke upwards along the smoke stem. This will prevent you from blowing the smoke out of the other hoses while you blow it out. This system also works if you attach other smoke stems to the Edition 4 (for example glass stems). They also offer other smoke stems that are compatible with the Edition 4 and change the position of the blow-off valve (for example the Invert stems). The entire technology of the APS and the blow-off valve is elegantly hidden in the base and barely visible from the outside. The base has a 29/2 cut, which means you can customise the Edition 4 to your liking. For example, other 29/2-style smoke stems fit easily into the base and you can customise the look of your hookah at any time. The smoke stem, which is included in the Edition 4, is first inserted into the 29/2 ground joint of the base and then screwed to the downstem with M14x1 thread. Because the stem has a 18/8 cut on top, you can also attach a molasses catcher or other 18/8 cut parts and adjust the height of Edition 4 to your liking. 



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